Ways Information System Administrators Use Dropbox

Dropbox has recently announced several improvements designed to make it more user-friendly for system administrators.

The company has rolled out a revamped interface for a streamlined analysis of user logs that detail the activities in an organization. New folders have made it easier to develop and manage a mutual workspace for work teams, and it also has mobile access management capability.

Perhaps the most drastic change is the new feature for optimally managing team folders. Administrators are now able to import users along with their groups from the Active Directory and can link these users directly to team folders.

With the use of a tool called sync management, administrators can determine which shared folders need to be added to the computers of new users, depending on their specific role. This will prevent users from being swamped with a massive number of files that are preloaded on their systems on the first day, but the tool still allows them to access all the information they need via the mobile and web interfaces of Dropbox.

This type of feature is valuable for both office and educational use, in both the real world and online setting.

System administrators also can manage user access to company information at various levels, like folders and subfolders. This enables HR departments to develop folders for evaluating employees, and then give access to these sub-folders to managers on a specific team while restricting access to employee evaluations from outside the team.

System administrators also get unfettered access to an improved log manager, which makes it easier to figure out vital information regarding things such as when an employee changed access rights to a file or when a file or folder was deleted. Although this information was previously available to administrators, it required them to export various logs that opened in spreadsheet software. Now the process is simpler and more convenient.

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